First Post! and Year in Review

             Hello family! 

I thought I would do a review of our first full year in Jackson, Wy. This blog is a good place to write something to you all, and I hope it gives a little glimmer into our new home, and a sense of what Monica and I have been interested in lately. 

I have thousands of pictures, but only some of them are compatible with non-apple products (ugh.) Since being here in Jackson we have had so many adventures and fun milestones for the boys. 

We could not believe how beautiful our area is. Moose, beavers, and elk are all visible from our rear window, and Monica even spotted a wolf one time! The winter came and hit us fast; the first snow came in October, and it didn’t leave until May. 430 inches of snow! The boys helped us decorate the Christmas tree. You can see Rocco seeing himself in the silver ornament. Monica and the kids weathered the weather only because Jackson has a huge indoor gym space that they set up with bouncy houses, tons of toys, and climbing equipment. The boys LOVED it. 

We live a really simple life, which we can do in Jackson. We are twenty minutes from Grand Teton National Park (the largest mountain you see in some of the pictures are of “the Grand.”) We have several day hikes within a 5 minute walk; and we live right no the community pathway system, so I can bike or walk to nearly every inch of town, and even connect with neighboring towns. There is a river behind which runs along the pathway, which meets at a park, “the Tree Park,” we call it for its distinctive massive tree right on the river. 

We also started watching movies. Tons of them. We introduced Rocco and Luca to Miyazaki films and classic Disney animations. Miyazaki made anime like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. My favorite is My Neighbor Totoro. It may be perfect. I’m not sure. Rocco and Luca will look at the wind in the trees and point and say, “Deh Totoro!” before stilly watching him pass over. Kids see spirits. 

They love Cinderella, too. I’ve recently revisited all the old Disney films, and they are gorgeous. I see why they were called magical. 

When Monica and I have some time in the evening we have enjoyed all the great films and mini-series we could get ahold of: My Dinner with AndreSuccession, How to with John Wilson, and City Lights. We have gorged on probably hundreds of others, but those are some highlights. I have also been enjoying my anime shows, and Monica has been enjoying her reality TV. We give each other time for our guilty pleasures. 

When we wake up we enjoy our cozy coffee time (CCT) and the kids love to read or play with their innumerable puzzles and trucks. Their newest obsession is drawing, whether in their sketchbooks with markers or on the concrete with chalk. 

Our windows face east, toward a range called Snow King mountain. The sun is always resplendent coming over those mountains. 

On some special days, when the air bites a little harder than usual, we walk down the street to a little coffee shop, Picnic. They have delicious croissants that the boys love.  

Latest Corcoran Fa   mily Fads:
  • Monica is doing Whole30.
  • Rocco is going to a little preschool.
  • Luca discovered he can throw his body around like a lunatic and, on the whole, get up without a problem. 
  • I am trying barefoot living, and I think it healed my back and hip. 
  • Monica is hiking.
  • The boys both love drawing on windows with window markers. 
  • I am more and more becoming universalist. 
Things we have read or are reading this year: 
  • Devil in the White City
  • Digital Minimalism
  • Easy Beauty
  • Educated
  • Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals (thank you for the recommendation, Anna!) 
  • Lilith
  • Dare to Lead
  • The Hobbit
  • The Righteous Mind
Things Monica and I have been discussing:
  • What is Capitalism and Conservatism? Do they need fixing? 
  • Who the best actors are and what makes them great. 
  • Do Catholics need to align with the religious right? 
  • How to think about our time here on earth. 
  • What Jesus’ mercy?
  • How do people end up in cults? How do cults keep people from leaving? 
  • How do we protect our kids yet also give them “strong backs and a soft front”? 

I hope to post once a month or so. Love you all dearly. 


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